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Morning Breath

It’s 4:50 AM and the light is blinking on the alarm, a silent warning that the dreaded bell is about to ring and crush my peaceful slumber. It’s after I hit the snooze button that I love to listen to all of the morning breaths around me. There’s the gentle rumble of my partner, the deep sigh of Bichon Bella as she repositions herself behind my knees and the distant whistle of Bichon Lucy. It’s all just a peaceful little orchestra warming up for the day.

Recently I was ridiculously impressed by a concept so simple I couldn’t believe it left me with such a profound feeling; that the first thing we do when we are born is to inhale and the last thing we do when we die is to exhale. ¬†Recalling the final exhalation of a dying friend was a poignant reminder of how fundamental something we all take for granted really is.

So I roll carefully around Bella, lift myself out of bed and head to the cushion, grateful, grateful, grateful for my breath.

May the new year bring you countless blessings.

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One thought on “Morning Breath

  1. I loved reading this ‘morning awareness’ of the breath, and the gratitude for it.

    I’m learning in mediation to rest, however briefly, in the gap between the in breath, and the out breath. As I do this, I am slowly becoming aware of the portal that lies there
    to deeper meditation. Yes, the breath!!

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