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Clown Car Mind

So, as I understand it, it is not uncommon for beginners to experience a virtual twister of thoughts when sitting to meditate for the first (or second, third etc.) time. I’ve heard it described as ‘monkey mind.’ As I sat for the first of my 28 days this morning, I decided my mind is less like a bunch of monkeys and more like a clown car.

Since I actually starting meditating last year, the vehicle has downsized from a fire truck to more of a Mini Cooper.  And I’m not talking about clowns in the John Wayne Gacy or Killer Clowns from Outer Space meme – I’m thinking more along the lines of maybe Enrico Caruso as Canio in Pagliacci. Full Disclosure: I think I have a mild case of coulrophobia so that’s a whole other issue.

So beginning today, I’m going to befriend my clowns, turn them into monkeys and then find a nice sanctuary for them to live in while I learn to navigate this vast and endless planetarium in my head.

I am honored to be sharing this challenge with my fellow travelers and bloggers on Sharon’s Real Happiness site. This should be a wild and wonderful ride.

To follow along with the bloggers and challengees for 28 days, please visit Sharon’s site here:


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One thought on “Clown Car Mind

  1. Thanks for the link to coulrophobia!

    During meditation when I notice I’m
    following the tracks of my mind, I’ve learned to say “thinking” and go back to
    my mantra or whatever the focus is in my meditation.

    I love the idea of my mind as a vehicle to travel to the experience Awareness, especially when
    I befriend it. Totally befriend it when I picture a bunch of clowns in it!!

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