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Bichon Buddhas

This may be a relative statement for some people, but 4:50 AM seems really early. That’s when I rise to settle into my meditation practice. There is something about that hour in the morning that holds a peace I never find at any other time of the day. My youngest dog Bella follows me downstairs, watches as I lay out my zafu and then methodically licks every one of the fingernails of my hands that rest upon my knees before curling into a ball in front of me. Her sister Lucy generally joins us a couple of minutes later, sitting patiently in front of me, her brown eyes blinking in the dark as she studies my position on the floor. She too will settle on the blanket covering my legs.

We sit for our time. The soft padding of the cat’s paws pacing the hardwood floors in the kitchen provides a metronome counter to my breath. There is a peace in silence, in sharing a space with life different from your own yet reliant on so much similarity of process. I am humbled that they respect those moments with me despite a perceived inability to truly conceptualize my effort. This is what defines me now and it is good.

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4 thoughts on “Bichon Buddhas

  1. I have deep respect for anyone getting up at 4:30 am to meditate! Whoa!

    I read somewhere that the time of 3 am to 6 am, referred to in one of the spiritual traditions, as “Brahmananda” or God’s time…….. as a beneficial time to meditate, since the stirrings of the day have not yet quite begun. Peaceful, still, awareness of Awareness, the stillness behind the mind.
    Oftentimes I put my attention about 2 feet above and behind my head as a focus
    point, as a way to tune in to Awareness. Often I’ll do that walking around during the day.

    My critters have an awareness of the meditation time as well, a kind of “being with”
    when I meditate. Often the cat sits on my cushion right after meditation.
    I think he likes the energy, greedy little bugger!

  2. Just letting you know that I’m paying attention. Perhaps some info on how this came about. Do it here, or over coffee. But I gotta know.

  3. Kind of a long story best shared over coffee. We need to talk about our fledgling writing careers, my friend.

  4. Diane Nuckles on said:

    Such a beautiful expression of silence. I feel peaceful just reading it.

    P.S. My cats are quiet during meditation too — except when they decide to chase each other!

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