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Just Do It


The other day, I was looking at all the crap I had stored in my desk locker in order for me to go for a ‘run’ with a couple of guys from work. Notice the qualifiers around the word ‘run.’  ‘Nuff said.  And I’m not saying that exercise doesn’t ultimately make me feel good – that alleged endorphin rush and all – but it’s not always convenient.  That’s the beauty about meditation – there’s no extra equipment necessary. At least I haven’t seen a zabuton with a Nike swoosh yet. That’s not to say that someone hasn’t thought about it but I just don’t see a lot of coin in trying to sell meditation as a competitive sport. You don’t need special shoes or clothes or implements to drive you along in your sweaty endeavor. You just need to set aside some time (and I don’t care who you are everyone has fifteen or twenty minutes to spare) and put on the brakes, settle into your breath and give yourself the gift that keeps on giving. Yes, yes – it’s not always comfortable setting up shop inside your head. There will be moments, some of them really, really long moments when you will question your decision to sit with silence. But there is nothing in this life that feels as good as even that nanosecond of peace, that sensation of weightlessness that comes with sticking with it. Just do it.

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One thought on “Just Do It

  1. Glad I read this post today. It’s amazing how I can fuddle around on the computer or around the house, and not “just do it.” Thanks for the reminder.

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