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It only kind of snowed here in Seattle last night. But you wouldn’t know it by the media coverage. It was SNOWPOCALYPSE!! SNOWMAGGEDON!! SNOWLAPALOOZA!! It was nothing. Nothing for those of us who live in the city. Oh yes, there was a smattering of flakes that made the roads a little slippery but we’re not talking East coast blizzard. Pretty much everywhere around us got hit with significant amounts of icy precipitation but not Seattle.

It’s fun to watch the onset of panic – the need to control the weather by checking the news every half an hour, read the ‘real-time’ snow blogs and hunker down to wait for the snowy onslaught. You really have to live in this city to appreciate the level of hysteria that a hint or rumor of snow can bring. People buy shovels, boots, chains for their cars and shoes, store up wood, buy out all the top ramen, dress their dogs in embarrassing sweaters and leave work hours early because someone in Fiscal reported seeing a large, gray ‘snow’ cloud over Elliott Bay. People!! This is Seattle. Large, dark gray clouds live here. They vacation here. They send their kids to school here.

We can’t really predict the weather with pinpoint accuracy and we sure can’t control it. For me, real happiness is about being able to sit on the cushion and let go.  I actually got up this morning and didn’t run to the window like a child running to the living room at Christmas. I just knew in my bones I would be disappointed.  As much as I would love to be able to control many things in my life (including the weather), it’s actually a good lesson in mindfulness to enjoy the passing frenzy,  recognizing  the futility of trying to manage, direct or manipulate anything, really. That has been the lesson for me these past 28 days. Thank you for that, Sharon.

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2 thoughts on “SNOWPOCALYPSE

  1. Love it! I actually saw a news reporter all decked out in his winter coat – *inside* the news room – commanding a “snow center” like it was the space shuttle mission. We have become so addicted to the need for constant information (most of which is useless at best) that the “news” is reduced to absolute nonsense like this from the “snow center”:
    This just in…I got a tweet from so-and-so in the south end who reports he “just saw some flakes beginning to fall”.

    OMG, is this what we’ve become? Unplug once in a while. The real news is what you might discover when you do.

    Keep up the good work…..and words.

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