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This Is My Stick

Much like the puppy in the photo below, I often grab hold of my ‘stick’ and refuse to let go even when I know it’s splintered and worn and may eventually harm me.  I carry it everywhere, guard it carefully and only give it up when I’m forced to, not because I know it’s in my best interest. I find that meditating gives me a rare chance to put my stick down and examine it without judgment.  I can see its shape; feel its weight and relative gravity. It’s not always a ‘bad’ stick but it is my best vision of the concept of attachment, an idea I often struggle to embrace. I’ve found that as I’ve aged, I don’t carry as many sticks with me but I still catch myself coveting sticks held by others.  Today I’m going to put down my stick, walk around it, look at it from a few different angles and maybe even let it go.

Who knows, maybe I won’t really miss it.

This Is My Stick

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