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Driving While Grateful

As I drove across the West Seattle Bridge this morning, the sun crested the Cascade mountain range to the east and Mt. Rainier sat grandly to the south. It was a stunning sight, not one that we in the Pacific Northwest get to enjoy often. Although it is somewhat of a myth that it rains all the time in Seattle, it is often overcast and such sites are rare. But this morning was breathtaking. The mountains stood stark against the orange, red and dark blue sky in the pre-dawn. I had one of those moments (not recommended while driving) when a wave of gratitude swept through me so intense that I let out a big sigh and completely relaxed. Fortunately for all the other drivers on the road, I snapped to and focused my attention on the task before me but it reminded me why meditation is so important. It gives me complete permission to have moments like this every morning as I sit on the cushion. It’s pure, unfettered access to peace.

I don’t think any of us, except for the extremely enlightened souls on this earth, ever allow ourselves enough peace, enough joy or enough forgiveness.  That’s what I’m striving for every day, even if it’s just for twenty minutes. I know that no matter how many clouds may obscure the horizon, the beauty of the sun and the mountains and the Technicolor sky remains. That is the peace that eludes so often, ripe for all of us to embrace.

Mt. Rainier in the Morning

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4 thoughts on “Driving While Grateful

  1. Beautiful description of the mountains, and the way it soothes the soul. I once heard a
    meditation teacher say that coming to meditation was like pulling up our canoes from
    the stream of life, tending them there safely while we rest and absorb the peace and suchness within. Taking a breather!

    • Thanks for the comment. It was truly breathtaking this morning and so warm this afternoon. Yah!
      It’s been interesting getting this thing up and on the road again. Please pass along to your friends a link to the blog. Trying to get it off the ground.

  2. You are a gift and your blog is wonderful! You really brought the brilliance and warmth of the day to me, thank you!


  3. Thank you, Beth. I appreciate the comment.


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