the mercer weave

Think. Don't Think. Breathe. Write. Roam.


What is there to say? I’m many things wrapped up in a complicated blob of goop. Writer, reader, goof, dog lover, meditator and curious about all things and people. I’m not the greatest friend in the world but I love the friends I have and I try to do the right thing (most of the time.) I’m also a police detective and I get to do a lot of cool stuff.


There you have it.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Pleased to ‘meet you’ Debbie. Just joined 28D Challenge & found your blog there & now I’m here…
    One question: “Do your dogs meditate with you?” …two of my previous dogs did….if only dogs or any of our pets could talk eh?…Latest dog may be ‘working on it’….he’s encouraging me on 28DC…
    I’m in Australia – before that outside of Vancouver, BC….Many ventures in your fine city.

    • Lynne,

      We have two Bichons, Lucy and Bella, and they both curl up on the couch and patiently wait for me to meditate. Of course, they know when I’m done it’s breakfast so it’s hard to tell how much ‘meditating’ they’re doing!
      I visited Australia in 1994 or so and really loved it. And Vancouver is just a really lovely city. I thought Sydney was the best combination of Seattle and Vancouver. Have fun on the Challenge. I did it last year and really learned a lot about myself. I’m trying to be a little more consistent with the blogging thing this time around.

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